Solie Eventrue


In a God’s realm time can have no meaning…it flows as they choose it. I was born unto the realm of Arradon who remade himself into Iomedea. I was an angel made to protect the realm. I have no concept of age—as time did not matter; all I know is that I have watched her for forever.

One mustn’t covet thy God’s daughter, for she is a God in her own right. I have no right to look upon her; however, my admiration is not unfounded. Judge me a sinner if you must—but hear my story first.
Solie, the only child of the God, led two lives—the one she wore in public and the one I came to know. Under the ever watchful eye of Iomedae, Solie was raised to be the perfect creature. Iomedae wanted a daughter as strong with the sword as she was with words. Solie’s rearing was carefully constructed and plotted. She was given the best tutors and combat instructors. She learned to wield an elven curve blade by the age of 6.

But, the older she became, the more obvious it was that something wasn’t right. Tucked in Solie’s heart was the spirit of water—she was normally able to suppress her wild tendancies, but when the new moon would hide itself behind her wings she was fearless…reckless.

It was on one of those nights she disobeyed Iomedae’s orders—she left the realm without permission on the eve of her fifteenth birthday. Using a powerful magic item from the store’s of Iomedae Solie wisked herself, and a few accomplises, away. To them they were gone but a few short hours, to us it had been years. To make matters worse when they arrived with the dawn many years later one of her comrades was missing, left behind. Shock greeted their return and the father of the missing child lashed out and struck her across the face. I don’t remember the force I put behind the blow—all I remember is seeing her lip split and then feeling an impact with my hand. When the red haze of anger had leeched from my sight my hand was covered in blood and the father lay motionless with a hole in his chest on the golden streets of Iomedae’s city.

We were taken into custody and called before Iomedae and her court. My crime was murder and meant death—I knelt before my God knowing I would die, but before Iomedae could speak Solie broke free and in a voice more vengeful than this realm had ever heard declared she had given me the order to kill the man and as she was daughter to a God it had been my duty to comply. My shock kept me quiet. Iomedae looked into us with knowing eyes and spoke—

“Then you are both banished hence forth from this realm. You will not return until your soul has been proven worthy.”

And like water through sand we dissolved from the realm of Iomedae and into the material world.


Solie Eventrue

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