Vigor and Wound FAQ

How are they calculated?
Old System: Roll your hit die, add your Constitution modifier to that number, then increase your hit points by that amount.
New System: Roll your hit die, add that to your Vigor. You have a number of Wound Points equal to twice your Constitution score. Unless your Constitution scores changes (or you take a Variant feat), your Wound Points will never change. Your Wound Threshold is equal to your Constitution score.

What happens as I take damage?
Old System: Your character is fine until you are reduced to zero hit points. At zero hit points, you gain the staggered condition. Staggered means you can perform either a move or standard action. If you perform a standard action, you take 1 point of damage and begin dying. Below zero hit points you are unconscious and dying. You lose one hit point until you become stable and die at a number of negative hit points equal to your Constitution score. To stabilize on your own, you make a Constitution check with a DC of 10. You suffer a penalty to this check equal to the negative hit point damage you’ve suffered. A natural 20 always succeeds on this check. If you are healed or receive a DC 15 Heal check, you stabilize. When you are reduce to negative hit points equal to your Constitution score, you are dead.
New System: Your Vigor pool takes damage first until reduced to zero. After that, your Wound pool continues to take damage normally. When you take damage equal to your Wound Threshold (which should be equal to your Constitutions score), you’re wounded and have the staggered condition. If you take a standard action, you lose 1 hit point and must make a DC 10 Constitution check. If you fail, you fall unconscious. When you are reduced to 0 Wound Points, you are dead.

What happens when my character rests?
Old System: Your character naturally recovers 1 hit point per level for 8 hours of uninterrupted rest.
New System: After 8 hours of rest, your character replenishes all Vigor points and 1 Wound point.

How does magical healing work?
Old System: Magical healing applies directly to your current hit points to a maximum of your total hit points.
New System: When you receive magical healing, the caster of the spell must choose to heal either Vigor or Wound points. If Vigor is chosen, everything functions as normal with the total healing rolled replenishing and equal number of Vigor points. If the caster chooses Wound points, you recover 1 Wound Point for every die the healer would have rolled. Powerful static healing, such as a Heal Spell, replenishes the spells’ Caster Level in Wound Points.

What happens if my character suffers a critical hit?
Old System: Damage is rolled and multiplied by the critical hit multiplier and applied to your hit point pool.
New System: Damage is rolled and multiplied as normal, rolling over to Wound points when your Vigor points are depleted. In addition to the damage dealt, you take a number of Wound points equal to the critical multiplier of the attack.

What happens if something affects my Constitution score?
Old System: For every 2 points of Constitution damage your character suffers, you take a -1 penalty to that ability score. This includes a -1 per 2 points to your Fortitude Save and you lose your Hit Die in hit points for every 2 points of damage. Penalties interact with this on a 1 for 1 basis, so a -4 penalty would cause you to suffer a -4 penalty to Fortitude saves and you would lose (Hit Die x 4) hit points.
New System: For each point of Constitution damage you take, you lose 2 Wound points. If you suffer a penalty or ability drain to your Constitution score, you lose 1 Wound point per point of damage or drain for the duration. None of the aforementioned modify your Wound Threshold so you become staggered only when you lose a number of total Wound points equal to your permanent Constitution score.

What about nonlethal damage?
Old System: You track nonlethal damage separately and when you have suffered a number of points equal to your current hit points, you become staggered. If nonlethal damage exceeds your current hit points, you are unconscious.
New System: Your character subtracts nonlethal damage from your Vigor points just like real damage. If your character is out of Vigor points, each successful attack that deals nonlethal damage instead deals 1 Wound point of damage. A critical hit on a nonlethal attack instead deals a number of Wound points equal to the critical hit multiplier, but only if the character’s Vigor pool is reduced to 0.

What about all the other obscure stuff for the new system?
Temporary Hit Points: Temporary hit points function as Vigor points.
Restoring Constitution Damage: Restored ability damage recovers 2 Wound points per point healed.
Restoring Constitution Drain or Penalty: Restored drain or penalty recovers the corresponding Wound points immediately (1 for 1).

Vigor and Wound FAQ

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