Planar Traits

Traits of the New Pantheon Purview
Alignment: N

Planar Traits

  • No native creature is immune to sleep (even if they are immune to the consequences of no sleep)
  • All native creatures have twice the standard treasure
  • All native creatures can reroll Diplomacy checks when attempting to negotiate
  • All native creatures treat the critical multiplier of every weapon (including natural attacks) as one higher
  • Once per day a native creature can add twice their Hit Die to a single d20 roll
  • Once per day all native creatures can reroll a single d20 roll when attempting to affect change

Sleep is the state of bodily rest wherein the dreamer can project their consciousness into another state of being. They’re free to interact with other dreamers or create their own dreamscape. They can have meaningful interactions with other dreamers or play out their own lucid dreams. Potentially they can even work through concepts while sleeping provided they do not need to produce any physical results. All dreamers remember their experiences while asleep.

The plane is full of those that are inspired. They create objects of wonder and even the simplest functional tools are works of art since everyone has an intrinsic need to produce items of value and quality. Everyone also has a strong appreciation for beauty and the arts. Once more, there’s a strong emphasis on acquisition of possessions and obtaining the most exotic and valuable treasures is a strong symbol of status.

The denizens of the plane are social by nature and love to compete with one another, both in spirit and in practice. They live for the next new things and are constantly working and negotiating among themselves to move goods and services. Everything is for sale and even complicated concepts, such as love or memories, can be traded for the right price.

Within every person the desire, and the spark, to ascend to greatness burns bright. Everyone is capable of momentary incredible feats that lift them above what they should be capable of and above their own capabilities for moments of greatness to sometimes do the impossible. Depression is all but nonexistent and everyone believes in a bright future.

Nothing is static and everything is constantly evolving. People are constantly introducing next great thing and people do not value traditions or stagnancy. People do not fear change and welcome it with open arms and the refreshing perspective that change brings is expected and relied on by the denizens.

All things end when their time has come and once souls are stewarded to their final resting place they very rarely ever return. The Undead, though they rarely exist, are seen as nothing more than arcane energies animating bodies and have even less semblance of sentience than constructs do.

Pantheon Overlap

Sleep and Treasure
When people create their own dreamscapes they also do so with lavish results. These dreams are often the driving motivator for people to acquire their vast wealth and the measure of wealth present in the mind of a dreamer is an indicator to their potential as an individual.

Sleep and Trade
The exchange of thoughts and ideas happens regularly in the dreamscape which is why sleep allows the native citizens to project themselves and communicate with others. Since the projection of a native creature cannot be manipulated without the use of magic the dreamscape can be used to negotiate and fulfill binding contracts just like the waking world.

Hope and Sleep
Every projection of an individual in a dream represents the very best of what they aspire to become. Every creature has a projection of themselves that is a representation of what they become which can easily be viewed by others. The free exchange of ideas between creatures allows them to synergistically inspire one another.

Change and Sleep
No creature has the same dream twice and the only thing constant is their own projection, but even that changes a tiny amount each and every time they choose to dream. Dreams are free flowing and can (and often do) take chaotic twists and turns as they unfold.

Death and Sleep
Everyone that meets their end naturally on the plane does so during their sleep.

Treasure and Trade
Pretty self-explanatory, the people of the plane are constantly haggling and maneuvering in order to acquire trinkets of wealth and power.

Hope and Treasure
When people dream of the future, the acquisition of valuables is almost always on their list of things to acquire. The creatures of the plane are capable of great feats to see their hopes through, no small number of which is the acquisition of great treasure.

Change and Treasure
Valuables are constantly changing hands at all times which makes adventuring and mercantilism that much more fruitful. Creatures quickly get bored with their baubles and are constantly on the lookout for their next great acquisition which will hold their fascination, even if only for a while.

Death and Treasure
Funeral ceremonies often involve laying the dead to rest with their worldly possessions. People are often buried with two coins over their eyes for the boatman. The boatman has no use for worldly possessions but he’s much more agreeable to those that remind him fondly of his close friend.

Hope and Trade
People often and freely exchange their ideas with one another and the aspirations of the individual have real value in the plane. People often make wild offers and attempt great feats of mercantilism just to see if they can pull it off.

Change and Trade
The rules and regulations that the plane establishes to conduct business are constantly under review and update regularly. Rules for trade rarely remain the same and the most skilled merchants keep themselves regularly updated as their own societies change the rules for business transactions.

Death and Trade
Honoring the dead is one of the most important transactions a family can make for their loved ones and these final ceremonies are a representation of the culmination of all an individual has accomplished during life. These ceremonies are some of the most highly valuable and sought after services.

Change and Hope
People rarely accept things as they are and everyone believes that they can always influence the world around them for the better. People see the status quo as an empty parchment waiting for the inscription of their deepest desires.

Death and Hope
People often view Death as the next great journey and an opportunity to achieve the things they could not in life. Family members often look fondly upon their dead and carry the memory of their lost loved ones with an idealistic outlook that they are moving on to a better place.

Death and Change
Each ceremony to commemorate the dead is a unique affair and those ceremonies are constantly evolving and attempting to surpass the one that came before it. All creatures that die become petitioners of their final resting place which fundamentally alters their being.

Planar Traits

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